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VEN Mini [Purple and Blue] - Wireless Hot Swappable 61 Key 3-Pin Mechanical Keyboard

by Venatos
Rs. 12,700.00

This product includes the following:

  • 1 x VEN Mini - Hot Swappable 61 Key 3-Pin Mechanical Keyboard
  • 1 x Yellow Gateron 3-PIN Mechanical Switches (installed on the VEN Mini)
  • 1 x High Quality PBT Keycaps (installed on the VEN Mini)
  • 1 x USB-C Braided Gold-Plated cable

Hot Swappable | Yellow Gateron 3-PIN Mechanical Switches | Wireless Bluetooth | USB-C Charging | Custom Software


VEN Mini Software 

Your one stop shop to customize the internal gears of your VEN Mini. The VEN Mini Software allows you to access features such as macros, RGB lighting and more! Our software is still under development but will be available for download at

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Really good keyboard

The keyboard was exactly as expected, keycaps felt nice, only problem was the shift key sometimes not pressing right and would almost snap into place.

Katelyn Johnson
Beautiful keyboard

I love how the keys will light up and how you can alternate the lights to how you would like them to look

Personal Opinion On Keyboard So Far

(In the pictures are some keycaps I bought of amazon, sdyz japanese keycaps coral sea, type that into your Amazon search bar and you should be able to find them.)This keyboard is awesome. It light weight and great build quality. Also they gateron yellow switches sound so good on the keyboard. Sure if you lube them yourself they would sound better but the way they came the switches have a nice sound to them. I’ve also been using this keyboard everyday since it came in the mail and I can’t find any issues. One thing that is different is that use usb c port is on the middle back rather that right or left, I think it’s nice because it’s easier to work with. I’m going to keep using they keyboard to see if I can find any problems with it, but for right now it was a great purchase and would buy again. I might have a more in-depth review or opinion on this keyboard posted on my YouTube sometime soon, ZapstremonYT, this keyboard is awesome. I will also link a video to my unboxing of this keyboard. YouTube video placeholder