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Venatos Swapper Pro Fully Customizable Gaming Mouse

by Venatos
197,00 zł

This product includes the following:

  • 1 x Venatos Swapper Pro
  • 3 x Honeycomb Swappable Parts [1 top cover 2 sides](installed on Swapper Pro)
  • 3 x Solid Swappable Parts [1 top cover 2 sides] 


Swappable Cover & Sides | PMW 3389 Sensor | Adjustable Weight (78g- 92g) | Paracord Cable | Up to 16,000 DPI | Vibrant RGB

PixArt PMW3389 Gaming Mouse Sensor

The best in its class used by top brands this sensor is known for its quality. We provide you with their most up to date sensor model so that you can game worry-free knowing you have the most control over your game.

Swappable Cover & Sides

Simply grab the smooth or honeycomb cover you wish to swap to and click it in place! The Venatos Swapper Pro comes with magnetic supports that simply push the cover or sides into place as soon as they are close enough to their magnetic counter parts. The covers are easy to clean and can be washed in warm water and dry them off to get that brand new feel.

10 RGB Presets

Want a mouse with beautiful vibrant colors? We got you. The Venatos Swapper Pro color ranges up to 16.8 million colors and 10 different RGB presets. Almost all presets can be modified to include and exclude certain colors using the Venatos Customate Software. RGB presets can be cycled through using the mouse's Back + Middle button or by Software. Presets used are Rainbow Flow - Mono - Breathing - Northern Lights - Smooth Groove - Color Snap - Cops are Here - RGB Matrix - Disco Club - RGB Off.

Adjustable Weight (78g or 92g)

The smooth cover comes built in with a weight adjuster, for those that like a heavier feel. It comes with two weights that you can remove by opening the back side of the cover to easily allow you to choose the weight that suits you best. You can choose either 78g or 92g weights for the mouse.

Flexible & Light Paracord Cable

Hate it when the stiff cable gets in your way when you're busy gaming? Now you need to buy a mouse bungee to get that cable to stay in it's place. Well no more! The paracord cable gives you that wireless feel due to its light weight and flexibility. A great choice for pro gaming.

Customizable DPI

Increase or decrease the sensitivity of your mouse by clicking the easy access DPI buttons. The mouse also indicates what DPI setting you are on by flashing a corresponding color. You can also modify the different DPI increments and the colors that correspond to each increment using our Venatos Customate Software. Default DPI settings set to 800 - 1600 - 2400 - 3200 - 5000 - 16000. Below is a video on how to manually change between the RGB DPI presets DPI options without the software.

Huano 20M Switches

Built for the well rounded gamer, the mouse features Huano switches which provide a more tactile and sturdy feel. Huano switches are built for First Person Shooters (FPS) but also provide a quality gaming experience for all other users. This switch is guaranteed for up to 20 million clicks.

Up to 1000 Hz Polling Rate

How often does your mouse report it's position to your computer? That all depends on the polling rate. 125 Hz means that your mouse can report up to 125 times to your computer every second. Our mouse has a polling rate of up to 1000 Hz, meaning it can report its position to the computer every millisecond. Our default polling rate is set to 500 Hz. The polling rate can be adjusted in the Venatos Customate Software to 125 Hz - 250 Hz - 500 Hz - 1000 Hz.

Venatos Customate Software

All-in-one software to customize the internal gears of your gaming mouse. The Venatos Customate Software allows you to access features such as DPI Settings, Lighting, Advanced Mouse Settings, Polling Rate, Button Assignment and Macros. Our software is available for download at

Be advised that there are no additional duties or customs to be paid for orders shipped to Canada or USA. We are not responsible for duties or customs you may be required to pay in correspondence to your countries laws when shipping internationally.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
great mouse

love the swapper pro and have been using it for months now, would be sick to see a white version, or maybe a wireless?🧐

Joseph McKinney
Best gaming mouse

So many custom options and it’s so comfortable and light weight that I won’t use anything else.

Kale small
Great product

Great product, With the key caps and the hot swapper pro Just great

Jacob H-F
This is a great choice!

this mouse is amazing, i really love the feel of it in my hands and its customizable grip, and weight! this is a great choice!

Reilly Marchessault
Amazing Mouse!!!

When I first received the Venatos Swapper Pro it felt really solid and its really easy to swap out the parts. I can say that my aim has improved in almost every game I have played. Definitely a must buy. 5/5